Time and Talents 2010


Pastor's Assistants Assist with Intinction Additional Assistants
Acolytes Teller Committee 2010 Ministries
Altar Committee Altar Flowers Council Designates
Usher League Tape Ministry Yard Maintenance & Mowing
Pastor's Assistants (Back to top)
April May June
Kay Weaver Rodney Throckmorton Terry Turbyfill / Connie Bumgarner
July August September
Beth Turbyfill Dennis Bollinger Liz Sigmon
October November December
Stacy Bollinger Janet Spinks Jason Sigmon
  January, 2011  
  Paula White  
Assist With Intinction Method of Holy Communion (Back to top)
Teresa Vanderlinden Betty Scipione Dennis Bollinger
Sandra Bollinger Dale Weaver Raye Lynn Weaver
Elmer Lutz Abbey Lutz Aaron Weaver
Kay Weaver Connie Bumgarner Stacy Bollinger
Ken Temple Garret Turbyfill  
Additional Assistants (Back to top)
Help with Communion
and read scripture
Help with Communion Read Scripture
Sandra Bollinger Connie Bumgarner Lisa Cook
Dennis Weaver    
Teresa Vanderlinden    
Acolytes (Back to top)
February - Abby T. March - Gracen H. April - Madison C.
May - Matthew B. June - Rachel H. July - Abby T.
August - Gracen H. September - Madison C. October - Matthew B.
November - Rachel H. December - Abby T. January, 2010 - Gracen H.
Teller Committee (Back to top)
February March April
Dennis Weaver Donna Barger Homer Poovey
Shay Bumgarner Teresa Vanderlinden Eddie Kanupp
Wayne Cashion   Deron Bumgarner
May June July
Dennis Bollinger Ken Temple Janet Spinks
Sandra Bollinger Etta Mae Bollinger Wayne Cashion
Robert Hoyle   Teresa Vanderlinden
August September October
Janet Spinks Terry Turbyfill Jason Sigmon
Etta Mae Bollinger Rodney Throckmorton Shay Bollinger
John Lutz Garret Turbyfill Eddie Kanupp
November December January, 2011
Allen Cook Dennis Bollinger Terry Turbyfill
Glenn Mauser Sandra Bollinger Rodney Throckmorton
Deron Bumgarner Robert Hoyle Garret Turbyfill
2010 Ministries (Back to top)
Ministry Reporting Council Member Additional Members
(More names to be added as organizational meetings are held)
Communications Dennis Weaver Randall Cauble, Dorothy Johnson
Fellowship Donna Barger - Co-Chm. Shay & Stacy Bollinger, Randall Cauble, Kay Weaver - Co-Chm.
Long Range Planning Wayne Cashion Dennis & Sandra Bollinger,Deron Bumgarner, Randall Cauble, Lisa Cook, Terry Turbyfill - Chm, Teresa Vanderlinden
Property & Cemetery Allen Cook - Chm Don Barger, Sr., Jackie Bell, Shay Bollinger, Shay Bollinger, Robert Hoyle, Charles Kanipe, Ed Kanupp, Abbey & Elmer Lutz, John Lutz, Rodney Throckmorton
Service Teresa Vanderlinden Randall Cauble, Jan Duckworth, Marguerite Murry, Shirley Robinson, Glenda Shook
Stewardship & Finance Garret Turbyfill Etta Mae Bollinger, Shay Bollinger, Deron Bumgarner, Wayne Cashion-Chm, Charles Kanipe, Abbey & Elmer Lutz, Ken Temple, Jackie Bell
Witness Glenn Mauser - Chm. Randall Cauble, Jan Duckworth, Marguerite Murry
Worship Carolyn Miller Sandra & Dennis Bollinger, Stacy Bollinger, Connie Bumgarner, Randall Cauble - Chm, Jean Lael, Jason Sigmon, Dennis & Kay Weaver, Cathy Sigmon, Pat Bolch, Brandy Cline
Youth, Family, & Learning Jason Sigmon Randall Cauble, Lisa Cook, Jan Duckworth - Chm, Kirsten Lutz, Paulette Powell, Ken Temple, Dennis & Kay Weaver, Donna Barger
Altar Committee (Back to top)
February March April
Jeannie Turbyfill, Chm Kay Weaver, Chm. Donna Barger, Chm
Beth Turbyfill Dorothy Johnson Sarah Scronce
Linda Wingler Cindy Lutz Ethel Sutton
  Kirsten Johnson  
May June July
Paula White, Chm Dorothy Johnson, Chm Barbara Lael, Chm
Cathy Sigmon Jennifer Bumgarner Paula White
Connie Bumgarner Frankie Fulbright Connie Bumgarner
  Kirsten Johnson  
August September October
Vicki Cauble, Chm Julie Temple, Chm Glenda Shook, Chm
Frankie Fulbright Donna Barger Jeannie Turbyfill
Sara Scronce Dana Hoyle Linda Wingler
November December January, 2011
Jennifer Bumgarner, Chm Kay Weaver, Chm Dorothy Johnson, Chm
Sandra Bollinger Lisa Cook Lisa Cook
Janet Spinks Teresa Vanderlinden Teresa Vanderlinden
Altar Flowers (Back to top)
January Feburary March
3-Robert & Dana Hoyle 7- 7-Deron & Jennifer Bumgarner
10-WELCA Group #4 14-Dennis & Kay Weaver 14-Barbara & Jerry Lael
17-Owens 21-Nell Martin 21-Jane Punch
24-Linda Wingler 28-Paula & Eddie White 28-Cook
31-John & Connie Lutz    
April May June
4-Frankie Fulbright  2-Beth Turbyfill 6-Paula & Eddie White
11-Helms 9-WELCA 13-Open
18-Dennis & Kay Weaver 16- W. R. & Connie Bumgarner 20-Barbara & Jerry Lael
25-Dorothy Johnson 23-Deron & Jennifer Bumgarner 27-Ken & Julie Temple
  30-Bollinger/Yount SS Class  
July August September
4-OPEN 1-Rusty & Cindy Lutz 5-Rusty & Cindy Lutz
11-Dale& Raye Lynn Weaver 8-Dennis & Kay Weaver 12-Dennis & Sandra Bollinger
18-Cauble's 15-Dale& Raye Lynn Weaver 19-Cook
25-Helms 22-Glenda Shook 26-Council
  29-Paula & Eddie White  
October November December
3-OPEN 7-Betty & Jim Purgeson, Jeanne Sigmon  5-Carolyn Miller & Wayne Cashion
10-OPEN 14-Homer & Shirley Poovey 12-OPEN
17-Paula & Eddie White 21 Cauble's 19-Shay & Stacey Bollinger
24-Barbara & Jerry Lael 28-OPEN 26-Dorothy Johnson
31-Dale Weaver    
Council Designates (Back to top)
April May June
Wayne Cashion Teresa Vanderlinden Glenn Mauser
July August September
Garret Turbyfill Ken Temple Donna Barger
October November December
Carolyn Miller Etta Mae Bollinger Allen Cook
Usher League (Back to top)     Usher Duties
Feburary March April
Charles Barkley, Chm Allen Cook, Chm Donald Barger, Sr. ,Chm
Eddie Kanupp Jason Sigmon Rodney Throckmorton
Dale Weaver Robert Hoyle Wayne Cashion
Alan Bolch Paula White Mike Scipione
May June July
garret Turbyfill, Chm Glenn Mauser, Chm Terry Turbyfill, Chm
Ken Temple Thad Scronce John Lutz
Jason Sigmon Deron Bumgarner Donald Barger, Jr
Alan Bolch Dennis Bollinger Shay Bollinger
Jackie Bell, Chm Wayne Cashion, Chm W. R. Bumgarner
Ken Temple Andy Martin Charles Barkley
Eddie Kanupp Dennis Bollinger Allen Cook
W. R. Bumgarner Donald Barger, Sr. Paula White
January 2011
Robert Hoyle, Chm Randy Miller, Chm bob Lutz, Chm
Rodney Throckmorton Deron Bumgarner Dennis Weaver
Garret Turbyfill Shay Bollinger Adrian Lutz
John Lutz Glenn Mauser Allen Cook
Tape Ministry 2010
(Back to top)
3-Donald Barger, Sr. 7-Dorothy Johnson 7-Alan Bolch
10-Donald Barger, Sr. 14-Connie Bumgarner 14-Frankie Fulbright
17-Jackie Bell 21-Connie Bumgarner 21-Frankie Fulbright
24-Jackie Bell 28-Alan Bolch 28-Nancy & David Hefner
 31-Dorothy Johnson    
4-Nancy & David Hefner 2-Charles Kanipe 6-Dorothy Johnson
11-Elmer & Abbey Lutz 9-Donald Barger, Sr. 18-Dorothy Johnson
18-Elmer & Abbey Lutz 16-Donald Barger, Sr. 20-Connie Bumgarner
25-Charles Kanipe 23-Jackie Bell 27-Connie Bumgarner
  30-Jackie Bell  
4-Alan Bolch 1-Nancy & David Hefner 5-Charles Kanipe
11-Alan Bolch 8-Nancy & David Hefner 12-Donald Barger, Sr.
18-Frankie Fulbright 15-Elmer & Abbey Lutz 19-Donald Barger, Sr.
25-Frankie Fulbright 22-Elmer & Abbey Lutz 26-Jackie Bell
  29-Charles Kanipe  
 October November
3-Jackie Bell 7-Alan Bolch 5-Nancy & David Hefner
10-Dorothy Johnson 14-Alan Bolch 12-Nancy & David Hefner
17-Dorothy Johnson 21-Frankie Fulbright 19-Frankie Fulbright
24-Connie Bumgarner 28-Frankie Fulbright 26-Frankie Fulbright
30-Connie Bumgarner    
  January 2011  
  2-Charles Kanipe  
  9-Charles Kanipe  
  16-Donald Barger, Sr.  
  23-Donald Barger, Sr.  
  30-Jackie Bell  
Yard Maintenance & Mowing (Back to top)     A Quick Note
March April May
 20-Work Day  4-Wayne Cashion, Randy Miller 2-Elmer Lutz, Donald George
28-Terry & Garret Turbyfill 11-Charles Kanipe, Robert Hoyle, James Johnson 9-Allen Cook, Charles Barkley
  18-Don Barger, Sr., Don Barger, Jr., Janet Spinks 16-Rusty Lutz, James Purgeson
  25-Jackie Bell, Richard & Donna Bunton 23-Ed & Thad Kanupp
    30-Rodney & Stewart Throckmorton
June July August
6-Norman & Deron Bumgarner  4-John, Salem & Meredith Lutz  1-Eddie & Daniel White, Ronnie McGee
13-David & Ronald Hefner 11-Robert & Adrian Lutz  8-W.R. Bumgarner, Ken & Jonah Temple
20-Mike Scipione, Wayne Bumgarner 18-Gary Bumgarner, Jeff Cline 15-Andy Martin, Allen Cook
27-Danny Black, Andy Martin 25-George & Pete Lutz, Thad Scronce 22-Dale & Ryan Lutz, Gary Abernethy
    29-Dennis & Shay Bollinger, Nick Helms
September October  
5-John Lutz, Jason Sigmon, Fletcher Ross 3-Garret Turbyfill, Wayne Cashion  
12-Marty & Gill Kanupp 10-Andy Martin, Jackie Bell, Ken Elliott, Jr.  
19-Norman & Deron Bumgarner 17-Ken Temple, Ron Sigmon  
26-Charles Kanipe, Robert Hoyle, James Johnson 24Don Barger, Sr., Don Barger, Jr., Janet Spinks  
Those Who Signed Up to Help Mow Ball Field
Jackie Bell, James Purgeson,
Allen Cook, Glenn Mauser
Those Who Signed Up to Help Rake Leaves
Mike Scipione, Jackie Bell, Charles Kanipe, SLYC,
Shay Bollinger, Charles Barkley, Ed Kanupp,
Dennis Weaver, Jason Sigmon, Don Barger, Sr.,
James Purgeson, Robert Hoyle, Diana Bumgarner,
Allen Cook, Randall Cauble, John Lutz